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    Default Best garden Fertilizer?

    I am thinking of the horse, cow, chicken, pig.... kind. Anyone know?
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    I have heard a combo is best- I am putting down horse and chicken because its what I have!

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    Nov. 29, 2005


    Horse and rabbit mix

    I tell you- tomato, eggplant, and squash plants love it. The plants get huge! I've been prepping our veggie beds all weekend.

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    coffee grounds and eggshells make a lot of plants happy, too.

    Watch the horse manure - it's great, but too new = too hot and will burn roots.

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    I have both horse and chicken. A friend and I have a community garden. We are using both types but the chicken poo made the spinach, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers go nuts.
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    Well, Chicken poop is awesome, I think rich in phosphorus...but very strong. Use in small amounts and compost well.

    But all poop is good, I read that fresh horse poop is good to winterize container grown fruit trees.

    However, different plants have different needs, so keep that in mind when spreading the manure!

    Root vegetables generally don't want the soil so rich, too much nitrogen might hinder the forming of blooms for fruit veggies, like tomatoes, but heavy feeders like corn love it in plenty.
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