Oye, I've had a year. And just was starting to get cynical and cranky. But yesterday, one of my new adult riders told me a story that made me smile...maybe my hardwork is slowly paying off?
An adult rider came to me by referral from a current client. But before making any decisions, she decided to do some research (smart gal ) to make sure she went to the right program. She visited a few places, asked around, etc.

She and her hubby go to a local pub a couple times a month, where she swears she meets "angels in disguise"...ya know, people that she doesn't know or ever see again that give great advice on random subjects.

While sitting there one night, the man next to her said he enjoyed trail riding and had a few horses of his own. He was a mechanic by trade, but his real passion was his horses. Her impression was that his horses meant a great deal to him.

So she asked what he knew about "barn A". He kind of frowned and said something along the lines that they ride their horses hard, kind of in the ground.

Then she asked about my farm. He said, "I don't know much about them, but I do know they really take care of their horses."

She said after being here for 6 weeks, she absolutely agrees.

It makes me happy to know that there are still people out there that put the horses first!