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    Default Soft Ride Boots, Help!!!

    Has anyone had any success using these? My horse is going through a "mild" laminitic episode. I had the horse on styrofoam which worked well, except it is very slippery on snow. I bought the boots and I just cannot figure out how to use them successfully. They came with the standard insert and I also purchased the "laminitic" therapy insert. The frog support on the insert does not fit my horse's foot at all. He has very wide heels and a big frog. The insert's frog support is too narrow (looks like it was designed for a Tb). The boots are heavy and the straps just do not tighten enough to keep the boot securely on the foot. (probably because the frog support does not match my horse's frog).

    Any help or tips would be appreciated.

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    It sounds like they are not fitted properly. Did you use the print outs that they offer to size his feet before you bought them? Unfortunetly some horses have two different sized feet and you will have to buy to sets to make one set

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    Sounds like you need the help of a professional (vet or very keen farrier).

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