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    May. 21, 2009
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    Default Tums for the anxious horse?

    My gelding is a nervous nellie on the inside. He gets the ulcerguard on days when I know there will be lots of stress (like trailer loading lesson). As additives for feed, I give him Succeed, probios, gastroade and smartcalm ultra.

    He will be starting back into work with my dressage instructor after a 7 month hiatus of no undersaddle and I want to try to ward off the stress of training 4 days of the week. Does Tums really help with heading off all that extra acid he will inevitably produce? Or should I just syringe him with the gastroade (basically pepto for horses) about 30 mins. prior to the session?

    I know the trainer will not go overboard, but I know she will challenge him mentally too (as in general just working away from a herd is challenging to him at this point).

    So far my "regime" has worked well from his day to day activities, but I am worried about the stress of training for him. Thanks for any advice :-)

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    Sep. 21, 2009


    what does he eat? has he been scoped for ulcers? my horse can be nervous and explosive and he's actually ulcer free.

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    My trainer went through a period where she gave Tums as treats. Our ulcer-prone guy didn't like them (he's a super-picky eater), and I wonderd just how many it would take to help a horse tummy.
    He does, however, like alfalfa cubes. We gave those to him when we brought him into the wash rack for grooming before he went to work. I mean, the kid gave him lots of alfalfa cubes! He loved them, thought he was mighty special, and the alfalfa was good for his tummy.
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    I do feed Tums as a treat (she loves the tropical fruit ones), but to really get the "tums effect" I use Smart Gut by Smartpak. It's very inexpensive and attacks the problems from a variety of different angles, including probiotics and slippery elm, among other ingredients. I think anticipating stress of training is very smart. I also have used a flower essence called "Anxiety," which I get from Green Hope Farm. (You can find them online) They have an Animal Wellness collection and while it does seem a bit magikal and all, I have found it to work . . .

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    My vet recommended I give my big (17H ISH) guy 12 tums about 10 mins before working him each day. This was after I'd treated him for ulcers with gastrogard for a month. He said I could also try something like neigh-lox instead. My horse loves the tums - so when I go out to the pasture to bring him in to ride, I give them to him then. He prefers the peppermint or tropical fruit. Naturally, I'd picked up about 6 bottles of berry flavored ones (really cheap at Sam's!), and he won't touch those....
    And yes, alfalfa cubes (soaked) are also good for buffering acid. I give him some soaked cubes, with a cup of aloe vera juice added, about 15 mins or more before his breakfast. Nice 'wake-up ' snack for him on these bitter cold mornings!
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    After a course of GG I started feeding Tums as a treat. Even if they don't help they aren't going to cause problems. I also feed Alfalfa cubes, a probiotic and Recovery EQ along with all the hay he will eat. Seems to be working. I still give 1/2 tube UG when competing, trailering or anything that may up his stress level though.

    Hey Flipper, mine loves the berry flavored Tums if you want to get rid of them
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