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    Mar. 2, 2009

    Default Farm Foreclosure - Animals Need Homes in NJ

    Saw this post on a herding forum and thought I'd share in case anyone near this woman can help. I don't know anything more than what's posted below...

    If you can help, this is in Williamtown NJ
    Please email:

    Someone I know is losing her farm and home to foreclosure. Husband took off several weeks ago, leaving behind many months of unpaid mortgage and bills and time is running out.

    The farm is located in Williamstown, NJ and there are Horses, Donkeys, Miniature Horses, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Dogs/Puppies, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Chickens all needing new homes ASAP.

    Here is some info on some of the animals:

    Sprout - Papered dwarf mini stud, bay w/ white blaze, will be 3yrs this summer, eats minimal feed if any, eats hay but does best on soaked hay cubes

    Nemo - Dwarf mini horse , dunn 4 yrs old, eats minimal feed if any, soaked hay cubes, prone to colic because so small (has colicked before)

    Gorilla - Papered dwarf mini stud, chocolate 8 yrs old, has scoleosis of back, bowed front legs, eats soaked hay cubes (has never colicked or been sick) - Leggs friend - have been together from start

    Leggs - Papered large mini mare, white & tan 6 yrs old, Gorrilla's friend - have been together from start

    Emily - Small mini mare, red & white pinto 2 yrs old, sweet, humble, so loving follows you everywhere, must stay w/ Hope (sister)

    Hope - Mini mare, white & dunn pinto 4 yrs old, about to foal a mini mule, her first, must stay w/ Emily (sister)

    Apache - Larger mini 36" gelding, black & white 15 yrs old, prefers to be dominant, but will back down if someone is tougher. Otherwise great w/ people and other animals, never colicked or sick, does not need to be w/ anyone

    Promise - Miniature donkey stud, 9 1/2 yrs old, very good boy, no vices, good w/ others

    Mommy - red & white pinto 21 yrs old (does not act old), 1 blue eye, healthy, no vices

    Honey - Barbados sheep female, 8 yrs old, wants to follow a human (very humble)

    Full Size Donkey - male, not good w/ feet being trimmed so they never get done

    Belgian Horse - no info

    2 Newfoundlands used as herd dogs, good with kids and animals

    Numerous little dogs, chihuaha, (long hair and short) pomeranian, and mixes of both.

    6 pot belly pigs

    16 goats - The goats are the trendy new breed "Pygorra", pygmy and angora crosses. They look like angoras-all woolly but are small. They were bred to be wool and fiber goats that don't need shorn like sheep

    18 cats - indoor and barn

    Also guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, chickens, and a beautiful blue/gray angora rabbit that is running loose in the yard and sleeping with a turkey

    If anyone is interested in helping to provide a loving home for any of these animals please e-mail Kris and she will get your info to pass onto the woman who is losing her farm.

    Think about the animals and help if you can.


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    BriarCreek Guest


    You may want to contact the Pig Placement Network in NJ for the pb pigs:
    Or Ross Mill Farm for re-homing the pigs:

    Also Farm Sanctuary in NY may be able to help you re-home the goats, turkey, rabbit, sheep & chickens (they have an adoption network).

    Good luck!

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    Oct. 25, 2005

    Default wow, poor lady

    Bumping for the gang.

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    Oct. 26, 2003


    Received an e-mail stating the animals have been placed.

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