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    Default Bits

    Okay so I was just wondering out of curiosity which bits you would consider the harshest/strongest. Yes I know it varies on who is riding and a plain snaffle can be hardest in the wrong hands. But lets assume the rider is pretty competent and knows how to use each bit without causing any issues.

    Elevator (happy mouth jointed, three ring)
    Double Bridle (Weymouth and snaffle)
    Gag (Egg butt snaffle type)
    Pelham (Rubber Strait bar mid-long shank)
    Pelham (Jointed rubber short shank)
    Corkscrew Fullcheek

    So what order would you put them in and why? Also what type of horse would you put in each?


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    Double Bridle: just for the fact that it can be used so incorrectly! in the right hands it is a wonderful tool, in the wrong hands it can be incredibly harsh!! Use: horse heavy on frontend, drags down over fences type.

    Corkscrew Fullcheek: you can really tear up ones mouth with this, my old horse got ridden in one before i got him and had huge scars in his mouth. use: runaway.

    Pelham (straight): there is no give to this bit, and can be very strong uses: quickness, heavy on front end

    Gag: can be harsh, but also very useful uses: grab and runaway type, heavy on front end

    Pelham (jointed): the joint makes it a softer bit uses: same as other pelham, just less severe

    Elevator: poll pressure, mouth pressure... uses: head too high, head too low... etc

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