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    Default Are show shirts true to size?

    Help Please! I don't have any local tack stores that would even carry my size to try on and I would like to get a couple hunter show shirts for this summer.

    Here is my problem...I wear either a 30 or 32 breech (size 9-11 in jeans) but I am very top heavy (38 DDD Actually) If you measure around my bust it is 42 inches. Would a size 42 shirt give me enough room to ride without busting the buttons The other problem I run into (in regular clothes) is if I get a shirt big enough for my bust, it is huge every where else (looks like I'm wearing someone elses clothes) Am I going to keep having this problem in show clothes too?

    Any ideas about what size coat?

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    I have a similar problem. No, they're not true to size. I wear a 16 or so in jackets, but my show coats are 20 or 22s. My favorite shirt is a 42, but if they're a fitted style, I need a 44. Measure and go from there. IME, the Ovation/On course coats fit curves pretty well with minimal tailoring. I like the less fitted Ariat shirts.

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    I would suggest buying the bigger size and having it tailored. You do not want it tight around the bust. I am built like you and always being frustrated, I decided to follow the advice of the TV show "What Not To Wear." I took bought two show shirts that fit nice in the bust, but were huge everywhere else and had them tailored to fit me. What a difference. I did the same with my hunt coat. I am long waisted with short arms and when I got a coat to fit my torso, I arms were way too long. I also had the waist taken in. Now because my riding attire fits me so well, I look better and ride better. It was not that expensive to do. I also were the best fittting bra with a sports bra over that. It will make all the difference and you will feel much more confident because your clothes fit.

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    First before you get the shirts or coat get the right bra .. The best I have found is the ENELL NO BOUNCE bra , it will make your 38DDD into a 38B and give you upper back support too. try this website :

    make sure you view the size chart and how to measure. Go with the smallest size if you find your self between sizes. They come in size 00 to 5, I believe , you will probably be a 1 maybe a 2 , but if you get it to big it won't produce the disired result. If the difference in size is 38DD and that measures a 1 and a 38DDD measures a 2 I would get the size 1. Pale horse does make an American cut that is pretty true to size if you measure 42 the shirt size 42 should work for you but if you get the bra more then likely you would go down a size or two in that brand and cut ..

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    RJ Classics run small (IMO) I have to go up a size (usually a 34, have to buy a 36) to get the collar the right size. Or else I feel like its cutting of my air supply. But RJ Classics does have really nice shirts in cute colors! There are a bunch on clearance on
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    The Essex I had definitely ran small (*sniff* thought I'd scored a deal on my exact size).

    You might want to look into the Pale Horse shirts as they offer a "Full Cut" which is roomy in the upper body (again, thought I had scored a deal, and they were too big on my less than full cut upper body). I have found these on eBay at good prices, and they have really pretty color selection.

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    I love shirts with a little stretch to them- I have one by Ariat that is coolmax and has a bit of stretch. So comfortable for all day wear. I have shirts from Ariat and Tailored Sportsman, they seem to run true to size, but I wear a size 32. The ones I have from Devon Aire seem to run a little large, but they are not cut the same as the higher end shirts.

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