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    Default Breeders of quality WBs (esp. dilutes) would you sell for...?

    Question: you have a quality double dilute mare and buyer is interested in custom foal by a certain other double dilute stallion

    Stallion is only available frozen, sold by dose, no LFG

    Mare is young and healthy, good producer, easy breeder, foaler, etc.

    What would you sell in-utero foal for?
    (if you want to see a previous foal produced by a different stallion then buyer is interested in, you can here: )

    In-utero with payments - to be completed prior to weaning, same overall price or different?
    What do you guarantee? LFG?

    What is included?
    Who pays veterinary work?

    What if there are problems -
    at foaling

    Foal sick/dies, then what?

    I have been approached about this type of scenario on my mare and am wondering if I want to consider it or not.


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    Oct. 2, 2003
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    I think I would just opt to an "on farm lease", lease the mare for X amount of dollars and leave all the risk up to the leaser. She would cover board for the mare, all breeding expenses, foaling expenses and run all risks. Or you could offer for her to do an ET if she wants to take the mare in foal home with her and foal on her own place.
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    Nov. 18, 2009
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    I'm doing a very reasonable on-farm lease for a 2011 foal. I am putting a pre-set deposit down to use mare and then paying board for the mare once she is confirmed in foal (it's an on-farm lease, which I myself prefer so she can stay in her familiar surroundings:-)). I am covering all the insemination/breeding fees, paying for insurance on the mare, foaling out fee, all the inspection costs for foal and vet/farrier once foal is born. There is no LFG but other stipulations in the lease that allow me to use the deposit I put down for the mare in the next season to try again. And of course I'm responsible to pay for insurance on the foal once it is born. Awesome way to get the bloodlines I desire without having to buy a mare of that caliber.
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    Jun. 22, 2009


    I'd recommend just selling an embryo. That way you don't tie up your mare and you have no risk of getting stuck with a foal you don't want should the lessor back out after the mare is bred. You will also be able to breed the mare yourself either later this year or early next year.
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    I'm with the on farm lease crowd.

    I did it, and was much, much more comfortable doing things that way.
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    I'm working on an on-farm lease for a custom foal. We're looking at a fee for the mare and I pay all breeding related expenses including vet, stud fee and foaling out.

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    Have you spoke to the stallion owner about breeding to your double dilute? Is you mare a WB?

    Some double dilute stallion owners WILL NOT breed to single or even double dilute mare WB . A very good friend in Germany is one of them

    Some stallion owners may breed to your mare but it will cost you 5 arms and 6 legs

    Just something to check on
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    I would love some ideas on numbers. What are the going rates for mare leases? What do they include?

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