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    Default Stomping Hind Feet a Symptom of Ulcers (Horse is on Stall Rest)?

    A comment on a thread about ulcers in horses immediately made me think of my horse who’s on stall rest; My Thoroughbred has been basically stomping his back feet (pretty much like horses do in summer when the flies are bad) and I’m now wondering if it could be a symptom of ulcers? I just put it with him being a little grumpy from the stall rest, but I’m now curious…When I’m at the barn, I always give him hay if he’s out so I can’t tell if it’s just when he’s eating or not. TIA.
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    So hard to say. Horses all react differently. Mine -- she loses a bit of weight and gets girthy. Being stall-bound can kick off an ulcer, though, so it's always something to consider when your horse can't go out. You might try 1/4 tube of Ulcergard every day for awhile and see what happens. You might also try one of the OTC things like UGuard, Smart Gut (what I use), U7, etc. since he's at risk for ulcers in his current situation . . .

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    Horses that I work with that have EPM, start doing that when the feeling comes back-because they can feel the tingling in them. Check for neurological problems in his legs that he is stomping.
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    That was the main sign I knew something was wrong with a mare I used to own and she would up having EPSM. It is one of the symptoms of it. It can also just be frustration from being locked up so hard to say.
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