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    Default Can pour in pads lead to abcess?

    Horse has shoes with plastic pads to stay sound (old pedal osteitis). We had a problem with footing getting stuck under the pad, so farrier put in equipak to close up the space. All was well for 3 or 4 shoeing cycles, and now abcess.

    I have no experience with abcesses, and thought they came from trauma to the sole (which would be difficult here because of the pads/packing) or dirt getting in there (which would also seem difficult with the pads/packing).

    Cound the packing have trapped something in there, maybe? Is it healthy to keep the hooves packed like this? Seems like they never get a chance to breathe.

    Any ideas or experience with this anybody?
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    Sure pads could if they create sole pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMH View Post
    Sure pads could if they create sole pressure.
    I would think so, too, if there was uneven pressure or pressure in the wrong area. An absess is an infection from a bruise, isn't it?
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    I worked with a number of horses that had equipak used on them. We never ad any problems with abscesses or bruising caused by the packing. Also, if applied right, there is not way for dirt to get under that packing unless the foot wasn't cleaned out right. I'm not sure would have caused the abscess.

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    Some pour-in pads get harder when it gets very cold. My new horse came with bruising of the sole on the PPE and we determined that it was caused by the unseasonably cold temperatures causing his pour in pads to toughen.

    If we are just talking packing, its possible it bunched up somehow and caused uneven pressure. More likely though, some dirt got down the nail hole.

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