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    Oct. 31, 2006

    Default My best v-day ever and I'm SINGLE!

    So usually vday gets an evil glare from single me. Today was the best v-day ever. And it was simple.

    I am a short-term missionary in Africa and live with another single gal and last night decided to prep a breakfast casserole (the kind you put in the fridge overnight and bake in the AM) and set the table so we could actually have breakfast before church.

    Went to church with my roomie and a family we work for and then we went out to eat for lunch. BEST LUNCH OF MY LIFE!!! We have not found Mexican food in this country (outside of our own homes) yet and we found BURRITOS and they were soooo good. And the restaurants here because of the weather are open air, and just have the best atmosphere.

    And then I read and watched a movie. It was just a good day.

    Thankful for love of family, love of friends, a loving community, loving students and a loving God (not trying to be preachy, it is just on my thankful list)

    If you are lonely or hurting today, I am sending you a HUG

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    Oct. 3, 2002
    it's not the edge of the earth, but you can see it from here


    MissLiz, may I suggest you are happy because you are seeking to serve others first? How great of you to share your joy! What an AMAZING adventure you must be on.

    I personally think SAINT Valentine's day is a great big scam thankyou Hallmark... His was a bloody, bloody martyrdom... and where does THAT factor in to chocolate and roses?

    I am very glad you got a BURRITO!

    I am hugely, amazingly blessed. My 'new' job pays crap, but fulfills my heart and soul. My ponies are healthy and happy, (and one is even hauling water for me!) and Life Is Very Good.

    Too often we forget. THANK YOU for reminding!
    InnisFailte Pinto Sporthorses & Coloured Cobs

    Bits are like cats, what's one more? (Petstorejunkie)

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    Oct. 31, 2006


    Thanks It is true, I think happiness is found from serving rather than being served. Friday night I babysat for some teeny-tiny (under 4) missionary kids so the group of couples could actually have an evening with no "bear bear bear, cup cup cup" and I loved my baby fix.

    I spent too many silly years in college etc thinking the world was supposed to make me happy, and finally I got my head out of my bum bum and realized it is in MY control. And I have had to 'grow up' a lot being overseas.

    I am glad you have so many things to be thankful for as well pintopiaffe

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