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    Nov. 2, 2005
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    Default Just want to share/love my youngsters

    My two coming three year old geldings by Gatsby were trimmed yesterday, and I just wanted to share how happy, sweet, and easy they are. One of them is more like a teddy bear than a horse. He is so "into" human attention and interaction that he just stands there and lets you do almost anything to him just as long as you're paying attention to him. JUST LIKE HIS FATHER, he will literally fall asleep while being groomed. It is so dang cute I can't stand it! I'm a little worried that he's gonna be shocked once under saddle and realizes that humans don't exist to worship him. The other one is a little more "alert," but his disposition and demeanor are so kind and sweet, and he is finally letting the farrier pick up his hind feet with no arguments at all, which I am very happy about because he is proving to be highly trainable (so far, at least).

    Anyway, nothing earth shattering. It's just so gratifying when you go through all the work and effort to breed and bring up young horses (this is my first time doing it - most of our breeding life has been to ship semen to other people all over the place!) and then you watch them begin to mature into fine young men.

    I am very happy and grateful right now, and it's just nice to share it with other horsey people who understand!

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    I always love it when my youngsters turn any sort of corner! (Though it sounds like yours are just ongoing charmers... )

    Whether it's appearance ("yay, he DOES have a neck!") or behavior ("we couldn't do that last week!") those milestones however small keep me going.

    Right now I have a coming 2yo TB who should've spent her yearling year in the witness protection program -- suddenly she's a lovely tall young lady! My other coming 2yo still has both front legs coming out of the same hole! The coming yearlings are made up of spare parts BUT my colt did the most elegant flashy trot the other day. It is very rewarding.

    Congrats on your fine young men!
    Arrange whatever pieces come your way. - Virginia Woolf

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    Congrats on the young horse is alot of time and effort, but soooo well worth it.
    Enjoy your boys...they sound wonderful!

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