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    Default Good trainers in Fort Collins?

    Hi all!

    I posted a while ago about retraining the older horse, am an now trying to hunt down a good trainer in the area to help me with my goal.

    Ft. Collins is such a horsey area that you'd think there'd be some good trainers floating about. Asking the locals doesn't seem to be productive...I get more horror stories than good.

    Is anyone on the boards familiar with the area? Can you help point me in the right direction?

    I don't need someone with super fancy credentials. Just a solid trainer that can help me through the local show circuit and correct my bad habits that years of rogue riding have created. Not interested in a boarding barn at this point, so they can be freelancers or attached to a barn.


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    Dec. 28, 2008


    As far as I know there are none. My best friend went to college at Colorado State. She used to show with me on the AA H/J circuit and was hard pressed to find a boarding barn that was decent let alone a trainer. She tried taking a lesson at a one or two barns and quickly learned neither of the trainers had ever shown above 3 ft or jumped more then 3'6"...not that that's the only measure of a trainer but she was very upfront with her past experience/accomplishments and what she needed from a trainer and neither fit the bill they claimed. She even tried taking up dressage for a while b/c there were several dressage trainers in the area but never did find someone to work with consistently that she liked.

    All of this is second hand info though. In the end she started just trailering to the Denver or Parker area for random lessons or just waiting to meet her usual trainer at shows. I think there are lots of trainers in those areas but can't remember the name of the people she worked with. She liked them though and had a good experience. If you don't have a trailer you might be out of luck though.

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    The closest A show trainer is Mark Mead in Berthoud ( sorry, no phone number for him). The next closest is Cynthia Moore in Boulder. She used to go to Fort Collins to teach at the Ft Collins Equestrian Center once a week about 5 years ago for a few students at CSU.

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    Feb. 14, 2010


    I've done a little online research about trainers in the area because i'm looking to go to vet school out there. I found this place called Cornerstone Farm that looked pretty solid. Not sure the qualifications of the trainers beyond their website but the farm/organization seemed very friendly and involved.

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    Apr. 26, 2008


    Another good one in the area is Sean Brevard.

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    Oct. 9, 2003
    Denver, CO


    I've heard good things about both Mark Mead and Cynthia Moore.

    Further South, I ride with Tracye Ferguson at Meridian Farm. She's wonderful, as is Assistant Trainer Debbie Bergman. Between them they cover both the USEF rated shows and CHJA, and they WILL fix your bad habits.

    The atmosphere at the barn is also really nice; everyone is welcoming and kind, we have a really good group!
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