This weekend was the Withlacoochee 30 over in Lecanto Fl. This is a competitive Trails Ride and Drive. We did 30 miles this morning inthe chilly 40s--pretty cold for us Floridians but lots of layers helped.

Competitive Trail for the uniniated is a distance ride or drive--not an endurance race--where the horse is judged against himself pre and post ride on condition, hydration and readiness to continue.

Our little band has grown from 2 to a base of over a dozen. We actually had 6 compete today. We have been averageing 4 to 5 a drive the last year.

I know this is not exponential growth but considering 3 years ago we had a 3 driver base, it is a good thing to have healthy competition.

Today was a good day for Zanzer and I. We did the first 15 miles in 2 hours, then slowed it down and I managed to stay out for the minimum time. My little gelding is doing well---considering he was never out on a trail until a year ago this past December, we have 2 firsts and a a second this year.

The competition is really between our team (my horse and I0) and the trail. Can we do it in the time alloted? But add 5 other driver with very conditioned horses and it only gets better.

The trails were nice, some little rolling hills (for us), some sand, some areas were burned (controlled). The field was comprised of 2 1 day 50 endurance horses, a couple of LD horses (25 mile endurance), a young trial horse who won last year and us.

We went out first and never saw another soul for 15 miles. Just us, a single deer and the trail. We did this in 2 hours. The boy trotted the whole way. He is like a machine!!!

The last 15 were more slow, with horses passing us occasionally, some water stops, and enjoying travelling with some of the other drivers.

Afterwards, hubby and I scooted out before awards--not our usual, but it was Super Bowl day. Gotta call on the way home that Zanzerbud and I had taken first and 3rd (out of 40 horsemen) in Horsemanship.

Some of you central Florida folks, come on out!!! It just don;t get no better.