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    Default How to Remove Bot Eggs on White Horse

    Help. I've always had bays and chestnuts. We have a flea bitten gray and I am getting ready to worm for bots again. Already did in late fall, but we had a very warm spell and some more eggs showed up on my dark bay. If you can't see the bot eggs, how can you remove them?

    Everyone else is clean, just this guy. We haven't had a problem until last year, think one of the new boarders brought them in (even though we worm when they hit the door).

    I HATE bot flies!

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    Well I wouldn't blame a boarder for bringing them in... it's more environmental I think...

    But regardless, if you can't see them, you can coat the legs in olive oil and wrap them, and that should suffocate the little buggers. It's messy but can do the trick.

    You can also just clip their legs and get rid of all the hair, therefore getting rid of the eggs.

    Even on a gray though, you can see them. I'd recommend before going through all the trouble of treating a proublem that you don't know exists, you get a magnifying glass and a flashlight and look for them.

    Also, I think a darker horse is more likely to pick them up for whatever reason. Maybe it's part of the bot's criteria. We had a barn full of grays and bays. A couple bays would pick them up. Maybe one of the greys would have one or 2 (seemed by accident) But there were also several horses that had none. So just because one has them, doesn't mean they all do.
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