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    Default Electronic Coggins with pictures

    I got my mare's Coggins pulled yesterday, and apparently the new format includes pictures, and can be downloaded from the web! The Coggins includes a head shot and a shot of each side, and my vet will send me an access code for the website to download it. Next year, when we get it pulled again, al they'll have to do is change the dates. I think that's pretty neat! Anyone else have experience with these?
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    The format is slowly changing. Many states now accept them so practitioners are slowly changing over. Easier in the long run, more work the first year. It is a system that has to be purchased, so not everyone has it yet.

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    A clinic where I went to school had this (in podunk West KY). I really liked it and wish more places did that.

    Great for people who have pintos and Appies!
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    Yes we have it and its so nice! Much easier for BM to get them e-mailed and print them out for the coggins book then copies of the others.

    I really like them!
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    My mare's coggins this year had pictures but I never got an electronic link. I think it's the same system, since the vet mentioned emailing it to me, but then I just got a copy in the mail.

    Mare was drugged for her pictures so she looks awful. Then I made copies of the coggins but only had B/W, so the pictures are now big dark blobs which barely show the outline of the horse.

    So I guess things would be easier if I had the online access, but I don't like the paper coggins with pictures, it's just hard to copy.

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