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    Default Longing Red

    Today was the first time Red has been worked since her eye injury Christmas eve. Its a 20 minute longing session, I did want to ride but they did get their shots today and I don't like to go riding the same day as being given a shot, so she got longed. Like I said its the first time she's been worked since her eye injury and the 1st time in 3-4 months ive actually longed her. I worked mainly on walk and trot, with a hint of cantering. She did need alot of work trot wise, she kept getting excited and wanting to run off. So I worked on her just calming down, and used the cantering she wanted to do as an end of the work treat. She did at one point try to take off cantering, I stopped her from continuing, trotted her then commanded the halt from the trot and she stopped fairly quickly. Overall for being out of work and especially longe work she did fairly well, anyway critiques are welcome!
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    Please get someone to show you how to longe properly. The way you are doing it now is dangerous and you can get hurt.
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    Your lunge line should never touch the ground, including the extra that you have wadded up by your feet. Eventually, either the mare is going to put a leg over it, which at a higher rate of speed can end badly for her or you are going to get tangled in the wad by your feet and get yourself dragged. I second jetmom's suggestion that you find someone to give you some safety pointers. I admit that I did not watch all three videos, but the mare looked calm in the parts I did watch.

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