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    taire Guest

    Default Free Appy Gelding-NW Ohio

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum, but have heard about it from a different forum I'm a member of. I thought I'd join to see if I couldn't find this guy a new home. Here is his story.

    This past fall I was contacted by a friend of my mom. She was looking to pick up two trail horses, but she had been out of the horse world for 20 some years and didn't know where to start. i directed her towards a few different classified sites, plus I searched and sent her some horses that I thought would fit the bill. She told me that these two horses would be her "mid-life crisis" horses and she wanted either a loud paint or an appy and was willing to wait, and pay, for the color.

    I found an appy gelding in MI that I thought fit the bill pretty well and when looking at what the other horses the same seller had for sale I saw that she also had a younger (4ish) appy gelding-though he wasn't started under saddle yet. I sent this guy to my friend, though I did warn her that she would probably want to send him out for training this winter, plus she would have "green horse stuff" to deal with (bulking at bridges or creeks, testing the rider, etc)

    I was there when both horses arrived. They were both really sweet on the ground. I got an email the next day from her. She told me that the older gelding was exactly what she wanted, but the younger one was kind of spooky. I reminded her that he had been owned by the same lady since he was young (yearling I think), so he was bound to be nervous about all the new stuff. I got a few random questions here and there about them during the winter.

    Yesterday or the day before, I got an email from her and she is at her wits end with the younger one. He is dragging her around when she tries to lead him, he is rearing and he is biting. She said she went into the house the other day with blood dripping from her hand and a tooth puncture wound on her arm. Today she told me that she talked to her husband and they just want him gone and are prepared to give him to anyone who wants him.

    I promised her that I would pass the word and see if I could find someone who would be willing to take him on, so that's what I'm doing here. I do have 1 picture of him, but it's the picture the previous owner sent the current owner prior to her buying him.

    Since I'm unfamiliar with this site, could you please email me at if you are interested or know of anyone who would be interested?

    Thank you all. I really want to find him a good home. Also, I am hoping to go home sometime this coming week or next week to see what he's like in person.

    Thanks again

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    taire Guest


    I just wanted to update everyone. She had a trainer come out and take a look at the horse. the trainer went in and worked with him for a bit (I don't know how long) and the horse turned himself around. The trainer gave the owners some tips and suggestions and she is going to continue to work with him through February. If he doesn't progress in his groundwork, she'll either send him off to the trainer for 30 days, or then look for a new home for him.

    If you're still interested, feel free to email me and I'll keep your email address and keep you updated.

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