I was typing in a post today when this thought struck me. Not exactly sure how to put it into words, but does anyone else find it very interesting how well the TB crosses with nearly every other breed/type of horse producing, for lthe large part, a good or even better offspring? Some types of horses cross OK with some types buyt not with others, ie. an arab or WB crosses well with some breeds, but, forexample, they do not USUALLY cross well with the stock types (yes there ARE exceptions and not really wanting to hear about all the good ones out there). Often you get something with body parts that don't fit together well. But the TB crosses well with almost anything, "blending" body types well so to speak. In my mind it makes me curious as to what, in the TB genetic makeup, makes this work so well. Is it due to the fact that nearly every breed has TB infusion somewhere in the background? But even so there are breeds, like the Akhal-teke that has basically no TB influence and a VERY different body type, and the TB crosses with them that I have seen are VERY nice horses. Any input on this food for thought?