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    Mar. 13, 2009

    Default Riding and Tranquilizer

    I'm going to ask my vet, but as a general rule, how long does it take for a tranquilizer to wear off enough in order for you to ride?

    I'm planning on doing some face clipping as well as riding on Thursday. Say if I clipped (and tranquilized) at 3, would it be okay to ride at 6:45-7?

    My vet is generally pretty conservative when it comes to medication, and I'm looking for about half an hour to forty five minutes of head clipping. I don't know what kind of tranquilizer he will use.


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    Jan. 5, 2003
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    It really depends on the tranquilizer and the horse. I have to sedate my horse for shoeing and she gets a half to three quarters of a CC of Dormosedan. I don't ride her at all that day (vet's instructions). I give it IM and I don't know if she's a cheap drunk or what, but it sometimes takes up to 3 hours (after 45-60 min. with the farrier) for her to be fully awake.

    However, when she was on stall rest for an injury and finally went back on a riding rehab, my vet had me use a little Ace for the first few rides.
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    Mar. 13, 2009



    Anyone else have a guestimation?

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    Oct. 1, 2003
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    I have the opposite problem which is how long does it take for the tranq to kick in (think Winter, Thoroughbreds and a washed out ring.)

    I ride one horse on 2ccs im of ace and it lasts a few hours. Every horse is different, so really you have to guage your horse individually.
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    The effects of atravet will last quite a while with most horses, depending on the dose given as well of course. If you give the shot at 3 PM, perhaps 1 or 2 cc IM, I would expect your horse to still be under the influence 3 or 4 hours later if that is when you must ride. Not to the extent that it would be readily apparent to the onlooker, but the horse would still feel the effects. He should be safe to ride by then (not so tranquilized that he is likely to fall down), but still under the effects... less stressed, less reactive, more relaxed than normal. The drug can be detected in a drug test 48 hours after it was given. When long distance shipping, giving a shot when loading in the AM, I expect will effect the horse all day, to some extent.

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    Feb. 7, 2009


    Yes I think you should be fine to ride 3-4 hours later. My guess is he will give a rather short acting tranq.

    And if it's something like Ace you won't have to worry at all really, but he will probably give you something a little more potent than that.

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