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    Default Possibly Stupid Question: Horse Feed "To Go"

    I'm new to full-care and showing (at the same time).

    This barn is full-care 100% (hay and grain). I only feed a dash of salt as a supplement as one of the grains fed by the barn is a ration balancer.

    We're heading out overnight for a show in a couple weeks. Do I ask the BO for for the hay and grain I'll need? Do I offer to package it up myself or ask her to do it? Or am I expected to supply my own?

    I know it makes sense to ask for it, as it would be fed if we were there, but yesterday when we trailered out for a day and I asked for my horse's lunch "to go" she seemed surprised or annoyed, so I'm not sure.

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    Yes, I would take his grain. You are paying for it and should get to use it.

    I use big freezer Ziploc bags and put a meal in each. I would package it yourself, it's easy and only takes a second, and you won't have to bother the BO about it.

    Maybe she's surprised that you're asking? I always just do it myself and go take the grain I need out of the feed room.

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    Taking hay & grain "to-go" has been standard at every barn I've boarded at. Sure it can be abused (people taking multiple bales for a weekend and wasting it) but that's a separate issue. I might give the BO a head's up and ask if it is OK for you to get the goods yourself, in case she's protective of her feed room.
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    Do it yourself -but make sure you give her some advance notice (even a few days) so she knows if she needs to re-order sooner than planned. (It *shouldn't* make a difference number wise but just in case!)

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    Just another example for how to take the grain, no advice on how to ask the BO for it (except may just ask if you'd be expected to go get it yourself and let her know how much you took or if she expects to be the one to do it): our barn fills up those big plastic (empty!) kitty litter tubs you can get with the horse's food and labels them with their names. Then when it's feed time, we just scoop out the right amount and go and the plastic bins keep the food dry and safe.
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    Did you bag the lunch up for yourself? Was it possible that she was annoyed because she thought you expected her to gather it all up for you?

    I would just ask her what her protocol is, surely this has come up before.

    And yes, as a rule if you are showing on your own (as in not part of a full training/showing/grooms & shipping full service place) then you need to give a bit of a heads up that you'll be heading out to a show for x days, and say that you'd like to pack up feed on x day, if that's ok, and how many bales of hay would it be ok to take?

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    When she acted surprised did you ask her what the issue could be, what did she consider protocol?
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    Well, if you got questions like that, ask.

    if the BO goes nuts you know it's time to look for a new place

    But the majority of BOs want happy healthy horses and clients. If the horse eats at home or away, it's all the same.

    It's just a matter of how to communicate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saje View Post
    ..... if that's ok, and how many bales of hay would it be ok to take?
    I think this is an important question. And be prepared for it to be less than you would like to take (because you are likely to want extra hay at a show). Then you can ask if you can buy the extra from them.

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