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    Default Feeding Ultium and Feeding big slim horses

    I have several questions and I think I will post them under different headings so you dont have a big nasty email to read through.

    THOSE with big eaters - how muct Ultium do you feed? Do you feed anything else?

    Tell me what you who have big TBs eat and keep weight on.

    I have a 17.3 14 year old giant that is built to look slim - he just is built that way but I know from looking at his ribs and such that I need to figure out how to get 100 lbs on him.

    THANKS - he belongs to a 14 year old. I have fed him rice bran before. It is so expensive and the two places I have to buy feed from are always out of it. I will go back to feeding it if I need to but I know the Ultium has it in the feed....

    Anyone add any other supplement?

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    What I do with big types like that is add feeds in, meaning, if you normally feed 2x day, I will feed a 3rd time. I have found that just feeding the same good quality feed that extra time adds enough calories, doesn't break the bank and doesn't make for a lot of complicated feeds to mix up. Besides, horses digest small amounts of feed better than one or 2 great bid ones so by feeding several times a day they get more out of the same amount of feed.

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    My thoroughbred gets 5 pounds of Ultium with (essentially) free choice hay. But he isn't a big eater. When he needs the extra weight I'll add Amplify straight for a month or two without increasing the Ultium. That seems to help put the extra layer on w/o too much extra concentrate. Amplify is the little nuggets already in Ultium and is high fat without hyperness And it isn't too expensive.

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    I feed 1 1/2 scoop of Ultium in the evening with one (provided) cup of Amplify, if the weather gets better and I can work them more I will add morning feed, amplify is the best I have found for topline.

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    I have a 16 yo, 16.3H, TB gelding that gets 7# ultium divided into 3 feedings. I also feed abundant hay and he has good pasture. Make sure it's not lack of muscling that is making you think thinness. My friend has an older TB mare that she feeds the same diet plus amplify (fat supplement). It has taken away that ribby look.

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