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    Jan. 23, 2006
    Maryland/Indiana/New York/Vermont

    Default applying for a job:

    Should I just fax them my resume or call first and introduce myself. OR should I send my resume and then call the next day to confirm that they received it and use that as a chance to introduce myself. The job is overseas in another country.

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    Oct. 21, 2005
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    I would fax and email the resume. then call to introduce yourself.

    I work as an HR Manager and have done recruiting for a while; it always annoys me when people call and I do not have a resume in front of me to review their qualifications against the job.

    Even when applyoing for horse jobs I think its best to email the resume first.'

    My preference is always email; as it does not easily lost in a stack of papers and is easily searchable in my inbox.

    Good luck on the job search
    \"A smart lady knows its ok to change her mind, a damn fool never does\"

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    Feb. 12, 2009
    Charlottesville, VA


    I would email your resume and follow up with a call. I agree with Keep1Belle - it's much easier to talk to people when you have their resume in front of you and aren't totally caught off guard. Good luck!

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    Jan. 23, 2006
    Maryland/Indiana/New York/Vermont


    Thanks guys! I already feel like I have a zero chance of getting this job because of my age but I figured why not try!

    Of course I'm applying for other jobs but this is one I'm really quite interested in.

    Another question: Is it ok to put my height and weight on a resume, as well as maybe a picture and a link to videos of me riding? I figured the physical stuff is kind of important since riding is a physical sport. And the links and video is so the person reviewing my resume can maybe see me ride and see if its even worth it to call me out for an interview. Also, I'm assuming its very important to put the month I can start working on the resume?

    Also, I get so nervous when I talk to people on the phone in these types of situations. I've gotten better at it now that I'm managing a co-op but I still have to write down things I want to say, ask, or inform people of or I forget and get all flustered. Any good things you can think of that would really set me apart from the rest? What would a potential employer ask someone in just an introduction over the phone that I should be prepared to answer?

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