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    freiheit_89 Guest

    Default Fractured hip

    So, it's been a while, COTH. And I couldn't be happier to find this section of the forum upon my return.

    I'm on week 3 of recovery from a fractured acetabulum (hip socket), and am going absolutely CRAZY with riding withdrawl. Fell on Christmas eve, over the final fence (of course) when a bug in horsie's ear led to the subsequent loss of focus and our last minute parting ways. Wasn't feeling enough pain at that point to call it a day, so we finished our course and then I hopped down, feeling the joint go loose.

    Went to the hospital thinking dislocation and got the big surprise of learning I'd sheered off a piece of the socket with the muscle still attached. Prepped for surgery until they decided the next morning to just send me home instead.

    Bedrest. For 12 weeks, which is 3 months, which is the entire WEF season. I am in more agony emotionally than physically, being stuck in bed yet being able to hear the timers and announcers on the showgrounds. It's like the infamous "dangling carrot". Friends and fellow riders have sent words of encouragement, but let's face it, they're not injured so their days of riding and showing go on, and I don't see much of anyone.

    I'm curious to hear of anyone else's experiences with hip injuries. I've asked around but surprisingly no one could tell me of anyone they knew. Only one friend I spoke to ever suffered a broken hip, among other things. She had surgery, and was back on a horse around 5 months, but I worry how things will turn out in my case since I've been left to heal "au naturale". Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.

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    May. 27, 2009


    Ah! I shattered my acetabulum several years ago (among other broken bones that accident). I was non-weight bearing 12 weeks. A serious drag, har har.

    I had a nice set of screws and plate put in there to stabilize my joint. I now have a very fun party trick where I can dislocate my hip at will. Doesn't hurt and I do put it back.

    As to riding withdrawal, I'd recommend getting all those horse DVDs (Netflix) you've been wanting to watch. Clinics, etc. Once I had the go-ahead from my doctor, I made a wheel-chair bound barn visit which was SO nice. Sad but nice. I also managed to finish Zelda the Ocarina of Time during bedrest too.

    It sucks and there's nothing I can say that will make it not suck. But if you're ever going completely stir crazy, drop me a line!
    Forward momentum!

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    Mar. 6, 2009

    Default Jingles - you get through it !

    Jingles for you ~ I have had a THR ~ and suffered riding ~ actually life withdrwal - but good news ~ if I can get through it you can too ! Hoping your recovery is quicker than expected and uneventful. Listen to the doctor it will be worth it - I found the emotional stress to be the most difficult part. I was gone for 88 days but who counted? ME ! Jingles !
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ! "

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    Jun. 3, 2008


    I dont know anything really about hip injuries, but I broke my femur (falling off a horse...during a dressage lesson). I managed to do it with a lot of torque, and I actually thought I dislocated my hip when I did it. I had a rod put in my leg and the first Dr. said I could ride in 6 weeks...(I was disappointed because while i was laying in the dirt waiting for the ambulance to arive I had convinced myself that I had dislocated my hip and they were going to pop it back in and I could still go to the event I was suposed to be taking my young horse to the next weekend). Well due to insurance issues I was transfered hospitals to my primary care Dr and he told me not to even think about a horse for 3 months. I think he might have got out of the room before I broke down into absolute hystarics. Well I was stubborn and while I couldnt ride I went to the barn a lot(I was on crutches in december and though I live in Cali we have a lot of mud). This whole time my hip had been sore and basically I was told that it was just a tendon/muscle soreness. So at 3 months my PT told me screw what the surgon said and I could ride...something dead broke. So of course I called one of my friends who was kind enough to loan me her pony for a few weeks. Moral of the story: my hip responded REALLY well to being on horseback. The horses walk replicated your walk without you having to bear your weight or use much muscle to do it. I would try contacting a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgon and ask them what they think would give you the quickes recovery time and tell them that you NEED to get back to showing...not just riding but SHOWING it sounds more important to Drs. I opted to have my rod pulled out and told my surgon that he had a deadline to fit me into surgery or he had to wait another year because I wasnt missing any of my show season, and he made it happen. Also you might consider contacting your local disabled riding program because they will have the most research on equine assisted physical therapy if your Drs need a little help seeing the benefits of you being on a horse ASAP. Good Luck!!

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    Dec. 4, 2002
    Dungeon of the Ivory Tower


    In That Winning Feeling, Jane Savoie talks about how when she was bedridden with fractured ribs, she just kept visualizing, in minute details, her perfect ride, and apparently on her return to the saddle, her riding had improved!!

    here's hoping you heal fast!
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    freiheit_89 Guest


    Thanks for the jingles and well wishes I managed to catch a ride to the show this weekend and spend an hour or two watching some jumper classes (Don't tell the doc). Still not enough but breathing the horsie air was much needed. I'm a bit sore now, strangely enough not my hip, but down the outside of my thigh? Feels like a bruise on steroids.

    Forget the DVDs, I've been glued to my laptop watching every horse show clip I can find, which I don't exactly understand.. it's like I can't bare to see it and yet I can't live without it.

    Sightunseen, I was just like you -- laying in the dirt, convincing myself that if anything, it was a dislocation and I'd be back at the barn the next day for my Xmas hack. I did bring up the idea of theraputic riding but was quickly shot down. My doctor says he's dealt with many riders before, and I'm inclined to believe him, but I am also curious what a sports medicine specialist would say. Unfortunately my grandparents are the ones helping out with everything, so I don't have much choice to expand on my treatment options at the moment.

    DG, I've just begun this past week envisioning my future perfect rides.. and designing courses.. and creating gymnastic exercises.. and devising ways to convince my poor guy that a bug isn't going to attack his ear on the way to every open water jump now.

    Thanks again guys! I'll update after my next appointment.

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