I am thinking it may be hard for me to find a good trainer with a lesson horse, but I'll try anyway.

I am looking for an "advanced" trainer to take lessons with every week or two weeks. I haven't jumped in a while and need to get back into things, but I'm a fairly experienced rider. I have been riding pretty much my whole life, have shown on the big circuits, etc. I am comfortable riding the greener horse, and not expecting to jump huge, but I'd like around 3ft.

However, I'm not looking for the trainer that just tells me to go that way and jump that jump. I am very interested in working on my position and getting technical. Hence my problem... my trainer now has nice facilities with good care, rides my horse well, but is not very good at teaching. I'm not learning anything new and want to supplement my riding, but I'm not really looking to board at another farm (unless its unexpectedly close).

Any ideas on who to contact? I am in Gainesville but willing to travel up to an hour. So Ocala area, maybe even parts of SW Jacksonville or another area in N. Central FL.

Do any good, advanced trainers even run a lesson program anymore? Most barns I've been at expect riders to have their own horse, besides the beginners, so I don't know if its even going to be possible to find what I'm looking for.