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    Default If an ad says "does courses with an intermediate rider"...

    ... does that mean that they need an intermediate rider for everything, even on the flat? Or does it suggest that they get fast/strong over fences? Or does it mean they don't have that much confidence/training to TEACH someone to jump?

    And if same horse needs to be lunged before every ride, in order for novice to ride them, do you think that reinforces above theory? And how about if they need to be lunged at a show in order for the TRAINER to get on them?

    I hope this question isn't too stupid. It's just something I've been wondering about for a while.

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    I would think that would mean slightly different things for different people. I would simply contact the owner and clarify if I were you.

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    They probably get strong, have a tendency to be high-headed, spooky, or quick. Sounds like they probably really are for an intermediate rider all around, except on the random good day when all factors are ideal and they are quiet. If I were a novice or timid rider, I'd stay away. They probably require a stronger rider to get them through a course as well, they might get quick and rush fences, duck out or refuse, take long spots or just overall need to be 'held' together by teh rider to make it through.

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    It could mean a variety of things including a greener horse that needs a bit of a supportive ride to a horse that is difficult or has a tendency to stop if dropped at a fence. May or may not mean the horse needs an intermediate on the flat, but I generally would think yes on this point. In terms of lunging, i lunge a lot of horses before I ride, but not becuase they "need" it, but because PROPER lunging (not running them around on the end of a line) can help a horse, particularly a greener horse or a horse that tends to come out stiff, get warmed up without having to deal wiht the riders weight. In terms of lunging before a novice rides them, sometimes this is a good course of action if it is a busy show and horse is a little "up" just to prevent a spook that could throw a novice off balance, or perhaps a windy day and horse is just being silly. I wouldn't want a novice on a horse tho, that needs lunging to 'calm them down" all the time. REmember that at a show, horses are stalled the large part of the time, and horses NEED to move around, so lunging can help them, again, to warm up, get the stiffness out and just generally get the blood moving around before a rider gets on. Particularly since many riders today are NOT very good at warming up their mount, they want to get on and GO

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    If a sale ad says "needs Intermediate Rider" and it needs to be lunged before every ride?

    That would translate to not for beginners and unsuitable for a Beginner. And you can never count on lunging at a horse show-that's a PITA.

    Remember, they are trying to make the horse sound good. Normally the reality is worse then what the ad says.

    And NEVER make excuses and assume the horse would be better with this, that or the other. Assume that is the best they can be and that is what you will get. 90% of the time, that is what happens. It is what it is.
    When opportunity knocks it's wearing overalls and looks like work.

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