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    Default Naming question (sorta complicated)

    We have an Appednix QH mare that was abandoned here by her owner last year. She was signed over to us by the courts and we are now her legal owners. At the time that he dropped her off, he gave us a name for her, which was meant to be her AQHA named. We have been using that as her competition name, even though it's not a name we particularly love. Not suprisingly, we have determined via the AQHA that the name that was given us for this mare, is not this mare (the horse who the name belongs to has a tattoo from being on the track, our mare has none).

    We are preparing to record her with the USEF and upgrade her USEA status in preparation for her to move up to preliminary this spring, and are toying with changing her name.

    The reasons to do this would be 1) we don't like her name, LOL, and 2) to prevent confusion between her and the mare who rightfully bears her current name. This could be an issue as our mare is for sale, and the rightful owner of that name is significantly older than our mare--obviously an issue if a buyer tried to look up that name with the AQHA.

    I don't want any potential buyer feeling like we are trying to pull something. I guess my question is really, as a buyer what is less of a "weird story." The "her name isn't her name and if you look her up at AQHA that 14 year old isn't her, we swear" or, "we changed her name, and we don't know who she "really" is?

    I know that by filing an official name change with the USEA her (excellent) competitive record will move with her, so I sort of feel like changing it isn't that big of a deal, but again, I don't want to turn off any prospective buyers.

    (Mr. PF, who adores this mare, and would be happy if she didn't sell, even if we have to eat Ramen noodles, LOL, just poked his head over my shoulder and said, "Feel free to take whatever advice will make her less desirable, LOL." )

    So what say you, change her name, or no?
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    change it.

    People change competition names all the time. I wouldn't stress too much about it. Your 2nd response is the one I would tell people.
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    Default Vote for name change

    Since you really don't know who she is, I would have no problems with changing her name. Any buyer who would think the truth was fishy doesn't deserve her anyway! Make sure your husband is part of her new name ____'s Pet, _____'s bonus, etc.

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    change it

    For all practical purposes, you've learned the AQHA isn't relevant, it isn't actually part of the mare's picture after all.

    "The previous owner told us she was registered under that name, but we learned that she isn't registered. We didn't care for it anyway, so we changed it."

    The rest of the story is just an irrelevant sideshow, it has human interest ... but it's not actually your mare, as you've learned. The chicanery of the previous "owner" is his story, not the mare's since he left the picture. Thanks to your kindness taking her in.

    Lucky her to have come to you at that crossroads in her life's journey.

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    totally agree with OandO and I like stories like this. I tell (to everyone's endless boredom, I'm sure) the stories about how I have named those of mine that I have named.
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    Change her name and for Mr. PF's sake call her Demon Spawn or something similar so she takes a little longer to sell.

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    Lightbulb That's it !

    (Mr. PF, who adores this mare, and would be happy if she didn't sell, even if we have to eat Ramen noodles, LOL, just poked his head over my shoulder and said, "Feel free to take whatever advice will make her less desirable, LOL." )

    So what say you, change her name, or no?[/quote]
    Yes, change her Name=Ramen Noodles ! That would definitely make her less desirable ! And first goes to "Ramen Noodles" ! Nice ring to it !?
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    Change it and frankly, I would not even offer all this detail to a buyer. If they see your records that her name was changed - just say it came with her - you did not like it so you changed it.

    Is she supposedly AQHA registered? If so, have her DNA typed and figure out who she is. If she is not, then say she is unregistered. No one needs to go asking the AQHA for info if she is not registered.

    As an eventer or dressage or jumping - really - how well she does under saddle and what she has accomplished means more. If you get worried about buyers looking at her age - you could just have your vet or dentist put it down on paper he or she looked at her teeth and say she is 8 or whatever her age is.

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