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    Default Soft Ride Boots

    I have posted recently that my gelding is going through an acute case of Laminitis right now. He has had Cavallo boots with a pad up until now but they aren't cutting it anymore as one of his feet seems to be changing. We are going to try a heartbar shoe next but my vet mentioned that their clinic has had some success with a boot and pad system called Soft Ride. If the shoes don't work I am considering getting him a pair of Soft Ride with their pads.

    Has anyone had any success or failure with them?

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    Soft Ride boots are great. They are super easy to put on and take off. And to clean them just hose them off. The only problem I have had with them is shavings tend to get inside the boots. When that happens just take them off once a day and take the removable bottom part out and dump out the whole thing.

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    I have no experience with the Soft Ride boots but I've rehabbed several laminitic/foundered horses now with Old Macs with the 12 mm pad inserts. They are also easy on and off and they typically stay on very well...assuming a decent fit to begin with.

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    yes I have experience rehabbing a foundered horse with Soft Ride boots. They are made just for this sort of purpose and work really well. The regular thickness pad worked just fine, but I had the back cut down so it didn't make the toe point down. The back is thicker than the front and creates an angle. I had it shaved down so it was level and allowed the horse's heel to come down closer to ground parallel.

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    Great boots. I've used them just on a tender footed mare, though not foundered. A friend of mine really feels they extended her chronically foundered mare's life by a couple years. Just be sure to use lots of duck tape to help preserve the velcro.

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    I've seen them used with laminitic cases, and they are fantastic.

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