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    Sep. 30, 2007

    Default Thinking of breeding OTTB mare for eventing baby

    Hi all, I have had this OTTB mare, A true Angel, for a little over a year. She obviously has some flaws in her conformation but she has a great mind and is so sweet, sensible, and athletic. I just love this mare. She had 21 starts and has been completely sound for me. I am considering breeding her down the road (maybe when she is 10 or 11). The baby would be for my personal use. So a few questions... I am hoping for a baby I can use for eventing. Angel is 16.2 and hoping for something at least 16.2, a bit stouter (big barrel for my long legs), and a bit more bone. I suppose I could breed her to a warmblood (if so any ideas any particular warmblood breed I might consider?) or to a bigger boned TB (if so any ideas?)- these are pictures from before I bought her she has filled out some since then. I really like the TB mind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!!


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    Nov. 26, 2003
    NE FL


    I love Salute the Truth.
    Denny Emerson also has some very nice stallions
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    If you wanting a great eventing propect, I would look to an Irish Draught of sport horse stallion. many of them will give you the height and bone you want. Visit the Society website for a list of stallions

    A couple of my favorites RID for height, bone, movement and temperment are Dandelion Diamond Rebel, Bridon Belfrey. There are also a couple of nice Sport horse stallions as well if you want more TB like Clover Cliste or Silver Galtee
    Epona Farm
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    Aug. 26, 2003
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    I bred my 16.2 TB mare for similar purposes - and went with O'Leary's Irish Diamond. The only 'down' to him is that he is not known to add height, that is generally whatever the mare contributes (he is 16.2) - but as you have a taller mare, it would be worth looking into him. This is my guy as a 4 y/o - he was really holding out at 16h for quite awhile (I'm 5'10 of legs - so he obviously has the body to take up leg) but just had a growth spurt at coming 5, is 16.1 in front, 16.2 behind so I think he'll end up around 16.3. They mature reaaaaally slow.

    Really though, IDs in general will get you what you are asking for.

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    Very nice mare. You might look at Navarone. Isn't going to give much more than 16-2 but gives a good girth for your leg. Makes nice eventers and keeps the super temperaments.

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    Aug. 30, 2007
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    I actually had an appointment to see this mare when she was for sale, but the day before I was supposed to see her, my offer was accepted on another mare. Glad to know where she went!

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    May. 9, 2006


    I will put in a vote for a Trakehner. Windfall has been successful to say the least. Stiletto comes to mind as well. There are others as well. The ATA stallion service auction each year is a great place to get a breeding to a great horse at a reasonable price.

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    Nov. 9, 2006
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    Can't lose with an Irish stallion! They would give you the bone and size you're looking for and are a proven cross for eventing.

    Also, lovely mare. She has a very kind eye. I love chestnuts with big blazes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mukluk View Post
    Hi all, I have had this OTTB mare, A true Angel, for a little over a year. She obviously has some flaws in her conformation but she has a great mind and is so sweet, sensible, and athletic.<SNIP>
    The baby would be for my personal use. <SNIP> I am hoping for a baby I can use for eventing. Angel is 16.2 and hoping for something at least 16.2, a bit stouter (big barrel for my long legs), and a bit more bone. <SNIP>
    I truthfully don't see a lot wrong with your mare - she's correct and has enough of everything. Neck could stand a bit of improvement...

    For the improvements that your describe, go with a good approved (RID) Irish Draught.
    Of course, I will recommend ours

    We are so very pleased with our first foals from our young stallion, from two very different TB mares. Both are flawless in conformation, wonderful easy temperaments, and a world of ability. He did add SIZE, substance, and a lot of his own nice people loving attitude as well as gorgeous heads. You can see the fillies here:

    Show video clips for each filly are linked from their pages for your viewing enjoyment!

    Good luck with your plans,
    Homesick Angels Farm
    breeders of champion Irish Draught Sporthorses
    standing Manu Forti's Touch Down RID

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    Nov. 28, 2003
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    What are your eventing goals with the future progeny - lower level, upper level, international prospect?

    What has the mare done? What are her movement and jump like?

    What sort of temperament/rideability do you want/need?
    Ainninn House Stud
    Irish Draughts and Connemaras
    Co. Westmeath, Ireland

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    Sep. 30, 2007


    Well, our goals are probably fairly pedestrian. Angel has had tons of experiences including lots of trail riding (mountains and the beach etc), horse camping, jumping over the jumps at the local fox hunt, team sorting, and even helping round up buffalo in Utah. I am hoping to start showing her this year including BN eventing. I don't know what the two of us are capable of but I don't think I'm interested in jumping her much over say 3'3 or 3'6. Probably same with the baby. Of course if I had a horse that had great potential to do more than I can do, I would certainly consider leasing him/her to someone who could develop his/her potential. So for me personally, I would be happy with a athletic, good minded, smart, sensible horse that I could take up to training or prelim and also have fun with trail riding, fox hunting, and the occasional buffalo roundup. With regard to Angel, we are working on good basics and so far don't jump much over 2'3- 2'6, trainer says she can jump 3' from a trot. She does wtc, lateral work gives to my leg and knows her voice commands. I hope to take her in a trail class as she is happy to walk over bridges, let me put on a jacket while mounted, and stand while I open the mail box! She really has been the coolest horse (but I am very biased).

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