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    Jan. 24, 2009

    Default Diazepam? Should she be riding the horse?

    Hi y'all, I have a friend that I help ride her two horses. She has one really lovely pony that has little issues and then one really stunning WB that has some kind of issue... She had a stifle problem, but I haven't heard about that in a while so I assume it's resolved. Someone mentioned something about her maybe having Motor Neuron. I know this is all very vague, and I haven't actually seen this horse out of its stable but it seems to have lost a lot of weight fast and probably has some kind of mental deficiency as it's been put on diazepam. She's generally a very anxious horse. She's coming back to school now and her owner has put her on the Diazepam again and wants to ride her. It's a banned substance and I'm kind of getting the feeling that she shouldn't be riding it whilst it's on that... Can anyone give me a bit more info on the equine uses of diazepam (I googled the human... and equine only comes up with anesthesia...) and maybe how to tell her not to ride the horse? I'm just a friend looking out for a friend...

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    Diazapam is valium.
    I do know of someone who brought a very hot (read: half crazy!) horse back off an injury using it. it was a very controlled situation that the vet was monitoring. You could definitely not compete with a bit of it in their system.
    I think it is also used in medical cases to control seizures in horses.

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    Valium is a central nervous system depressant. In layman's terms it slows down the brain. It is useful in seizures and anxiety.

    If the horse is on a small dose, and is under a vet's care, then there should be no real issues with riding it IMO. However, if the horse comes out of the stall stumbling and "drunk", then it would be wise not to climb on.

    It all depends on the dose.

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