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    Mar. 4, 2009

    Default Odd bump/bruise both hind coronary bands (pics)

    Today I came out to find a bump on each hind coronary band, in the same spot. It's odd, because I was out yesterday and they weren't there. I'm thinking perhaps my mare was arguing with her neighbor and smacked her hooves on the rail, but it is perplexing and a bit concerning that the bumps are in the same spot on each hoof.

    The bumps are not sensitive to the touch, she's not lame or short strided, and there's very minimal, if any at all, heat in the area. There's nothing at all on the front feet, which also have no heat, and my mare's in regular work, fit, not overweight, and in the eight years I've had her has been totally sound.

    I've left a message for my vet and emailed him these photos, but until I hear from him tomorrow I'm wondering if anybody has seen anything like this?

    right hind, see the bump slightly to the outside of center on the coronary band

    left hind
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    Did she kick back with both feet and hit something? That would be my guess. It doesn't look too bad, just keep an eye on it.
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    She gets in tiffs with the mare in the pen next to hers, so it's possible. Just curious if anybody has any thoughts besides that…

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