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    Default Funeral With Fresians

    Found this video on the CD-L. Thought it was quite nice. Viewing is a formal hearse with a Four, done up in traditional harness, plumes, blankets. Then the old-time traditional clothing of Driver and Grooms. I found the long trailers (weepers?) on hats a surprise, never saw them before.

    Everything was very respectful, WELL trained horses standing pretty darn quietly over what had to be a long time. Comment says it is a Four of stallions.

    Traffic was RATHER exciting going and coming back out of the Cementary. Without signage on hearse, turnout is not really that visible, especially with everything done in all black. Personally, I would have wanted a vehicle ahead and behind to protect the whole turnout from those drivers in a hurry on the road. One car appears to JUST miss the Leaders when they are exiting the Cemetary. Wheelers do have to lean a little harder in collars, not getting good footing on the pavement for a step or two. No brakes either, so vehicle needs substantial horses on the pole.

    Anyway, a visual treat to watch. Smooth driver and handling of horses. Hope there is someone with skill around to drive such a nice Four on my "last trip'.

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    I don't know the first thing about driving, but my grandfather-- who was never a horseman, and was modest and humble to a fault-- had pre-arranged for a horse-drawn service for his own funeral. He passed away two years ago, and I will never, ever forget those beautiful Fresians and carriage going down the main street of my grandparents' hometown; police officers had blocked off the intersections and were saluting as the processional went by. Still makes me cry, thinking about it... Just absolutely stunning.
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    Default Beautiful!

    Wow, elegant and lovely. The sight and sound of all 16 legs in unison in that big trot gave me chills! Great post!

    I wonder what the significance is of the beautiful cloth drapes on each horse?

    This is a whimsical aside: my daughter has been in marching band since 6th grade (she's now at university and still marching). The band members wear plumes in their hats similar to the plumes on the horses. However, they are not called plumes, but "cockfeathers," or "cocks." This so badly disturbed the good mothers of our high school that we were taught to call them "chickens."

    I wonder why we don't just call them plumes?

    Thanks for posting that beautiful video. Following the link leads to the owner's website with lots more great videos!!!

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    Sep. 1, 2006
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    That was absolutely stunning. Beautiful!

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