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    Mar. 23, 2009
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    Default Night Check Mishaps

    Wiped out on the stairs down to the barn tonight while trying to do night check. Now I have a giant bruise and have to figure out a way to explain that one (without telling this story).

    Anyone else have night check mishaps?
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    Jun. 20, 2009
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    oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh...that just kidding....

    well, not really. did you fall on your butt down the stairs?

    I was bit it really hard walking up the loft step by catching my toe on the bottom of my pajama pants. That's right, I said pajama pants. Yelped like a little girls while I face planted on the steps. Hubby laughed at me...then I did it again walking into the house.

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    Fell on the stairs? Ouch! I did that once...but while trying to hang a picture. My feet slid off the stair edge, didn't get my hands down before my arse broke my fall on the edge of another stair. I saw stars! And yup, had one helluva bruise.

    I've slipped on my way to the barn during night check...on the nights I didn't think were cold enough for ice yet so didn't put the YakTrax on the Muck boots. My barn is downhill from the house.
    I also have a damned bad habit of walking into things. We don't have streetlights in my town, so if it's a clear night and the moon isn't up yet, the stars are fabulous! However walking while staring straight up at the sky isn't a good idea. I've bonked off of trees, fence posts and the dog...fallen into puddles, etc.
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    I am so sorry!! I have fallen down stairs (both rolled down and fell on my hiney). It hurts and it's scary!!

    I'm glad you only have a bruise, but I know it hurts like crazy!

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    Mar. 10, 2007


    Ouch! Glad it wasn't worse!

    If I fall asleep before I do a night check, I'm often groggy enough to do something to myself. Usually it's something like stepping in the dog/barn cat water bowls, but I've managed to trip and fall in the aisle a time or two. . . or three! And of course the beasts all give you that look like "Dude, why are you on the floor? Where's the food?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by alteringwego View Post
    Anyone else have night check mishaps?
    Yesterday's schedule was messed up - we're renovating the kitchen and I lost track of time. Ran down to the barn - fed - refilled the trough - and Mr. Goat was being fussy about the footing so I had to bring him in via another gate. And coax him into his stall.

    Then I raced back up to the house to help with a VERY heavy piece of drywall. Worked several hours - didn't do a night check.

    Woke up this morning, fed the chickens - walked down to the barn and I hear water gurgling. Hmmmm.... swale is empty - no water running to the pond OHMYGODHOLYSHIT(*!&*)@(*#)(%%$$! I left the HOSE RUNNING ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!! The paddock was a mess.

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    Jun. 22, 2008
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    Since I have lived here (5 years) with my horses at home, my only night check mishap ended up with a black eye. One of my horses needed some benedryl for hives, and I was too lazy to put his halter on. I grabbed his head, and accidentally poked him in the eye with my hand without the medication, and of course he swung his head away from my poking finger, and caught me square on the eyebrow with his big old head. I actually saw stars! And it immediately swelled up to the size of a goose egg. My husband got lots of dirty looks whenever we went out together for the next two weeks. All I could think when it happened was "I am an idiot, I'm all alone out here, what if he had knocked me out cold?" I suppose someone would come to check on me if I had been gone for several hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MunchkinsMom View Post
    , I'm all alone out here, what if he had knocked me out cold?" I suppose someone would come to check on me if I had been gone for several hours.
    Barn checker check?

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