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    Default weird popping sensation in horse's back?

    I'm wondering, has anyone else experienced this? My horse has been having some saddle fit issues starting in spring of 2009, which has resulted in a round of chiro--saddle fitter--riding bareback--saddle fitter--chiro etc. Also because of this and other life issues, I haven't been riding as much and he's lost a lot of condition and muscle tone.

    So, as I've been riding bareback recently, I've noticed a popping sensation below my left seatbone. It feels kinda like someone cracking their knuckles, or popping a knee. Sort of a clicking feeling--really odd and makes me cringe when I feel it. I notice it at the walk but not the trot or canter, but I'm not sure if it's not happening at faster gaits or I'm just not sitting deep enough, consistently enough to feel it. It goes away when he's stretching down, working and stepping under himself correctly, but he doesn't work out of it like a stiffness--if he puts his head back up, it starts crackling again.

    I've put a call in to the chiro but she was out of the office and hasn't got back to me. I don't have a trainer down here, but I talked to my instructor back home and her best guesses were either a tendon popping, or kissing spines.

    Anybody ever experienced this? Any ideas what might be causing it?
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    A good chiropractor will be able to help you. If it were me, I wouldn't ride until your chiropractor sees the horse.

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