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    Default Favorite/most economical fencing?

    I need to fence a new four acre pasture. The rest of my farm is three board pressure treated pine wood fencing. I don't think I can afford to completely surround this area with that at this time, plus build a new run in shed to boot!

    I am considering putting the three board where it will be seen along the drive, but go down the 'sides' with something else........wire with a board on top, electric tape, Ram vinyl fencing?

    What do you think is the most economical, yet decent, fencing?
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    Sorry if this is a duplicate - I answered but it doesn't look like it posted.

    We have Horseguard tape. It's safe - had a horse go through it twice (due to my inept connection, not the fence) and emerge with barely a scratch. It's easy to use, since it's a bit stiffer than the usual tape.The brown blends nicely with wood, and it has done well in both high winds and heavy snow. Easy to install and fix. Love the stuff!

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    Nov. 4, 2003
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    You might want to try one of the coated wires--budget was a big issue on our
    first place and we went with Centaur coated wire on wood posts. Wanted the
    5-inch rail but had just bit off a big mortgage.

    A really nice compromise is a top rail and 3-4 strands of coated wire (maybe throw one electric coated wire in there if you think you might need it. The products all come in brown as well as black or brown. Later if you want to add
    more rails, you don't have that much invested in the wire, can take it down, roll it up, and save it for another area or sell it.

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    Dec. 14, 2008
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    Another vote for Horseguard... and it looks great installed! Especially with the t-post covers or PT posts. It is my primary fence and if I had to do it over again, I would buy it. It is the best quality tape on the market by far (IMHO!).

    I also had a gelding get into it. He rolled too close and got tangled. Pulled the bottom strand and stretched it to the point he could get out. Not even ONE scratch!

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    Aug. 12, 2002
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    Electric Tape Fence, whatever the brand. I would recommend a dark color, not white.

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    Jun. 18, 2003


    another horse guard fan - had mine up for 9+ years so far, no problems

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    Nov. 14, 2004
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    I love my Centaur fence, but it is pretty expensive for the outlay. But I guess long term the maintenance is low.

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    Nov. 28, 2003
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    Favorite - three board with a wire on top.
    Most economical - plain electric wire
    Compromise - electric tape.

    I have all three and you can always add more to your three-board fences when you have the funds.

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    May. 14, 2009


    Brown Safe fence.
    Comes in 2" width, so matches nicely to wood.
    Tried the other less expensive brands-either has so few metal strands that it doesn't carry enough electric or cheap webbing rots in about 1 yr.
    Original field of safe fence nothing replaced put up in 1987.

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    Horse Guard. We have miles of it and it works wonderfully. Pictured below is the gelding pasture. Horse Guard is easy and economical to put up and it looks nice as well. It will keep horses in and on the rare occasion that a horse gets in it, it won't cause injury.
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    Apr. 28, 2009


    I don't have it up yet, but based on reviews and hours of calculating, etc. we are going with 6 strands of coated hot wire (probably make a couple of them not hot- it was the same cost as the not hot stuff so I just got all of the same thing) and a top 4.25" rail. It's Horserail brand (from Kencove). I would use tapes for interior pastures and divisions, but don't necessarily feel comfortable using it as a perimeter fence anywhere.

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    Mar. 9, 2006
    Lucama, NC


    We have some three rail fencing and the rest in brown horseguard. We used half round wood posts on the front side of the fields, and then used t-posts around the other three sides. Horseguard makes a insulator that fits over the top of the t-posts for the top "rail". It looks very nice, was econimical and easy to install

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmalbone View Post
    ... I would use tapes for interior pastures and divisions, but don't necessarily feel comfortable using it as a perimeter fence anywhere.
    I am with you. I love my Horseguard around my arena (it came through Hurricane Ike with no damage - just a lot cleaner than it was before!)..but I would never use any sort of electric-only fence as perimeter. I just would not be able to sleep at night!

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    I have a 6 acre pasture fenced in HorseGuard, and a 2 acre paddock fenced in 5-board. I love the HorseGuard. One of my horses is a beaver (he doesn't crib, he chewes) and he loves nothing more than to stand and chew on the board fence. Not an option with the electric. I have the hunter green, which blends in nicely and doesn't look too awful if it gets a little saggy between tightenings.
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