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    Default Bleaching tack n' stuff without destroying it!

    I found three spots of ringworm on my horse's nose last night. Fortunately it's isolated to a few spots, so (crossing fingers) some betadine scrub and antifungal cream should fix him right up.

    But then there's the question of disinfecting the tack and supplies. I can spray the stall down with a bleach solution (I'll buy a mosquito sprayer from the hardware store), and washing the brushes is easy enough...

    But what about the tack? The thought of taking a bleach solution to my Amerigo saddle, my sheepskin half pad, my leather girth and bridle, etc. gives me the willies.

    And what of color-fast items like his neoprene Woof boots? Do I spray those with the sprayer or run them through the wash with bleach or what?

    And--gulp--what about his turnout blankets?

    Help! I want to do this right, but I don't want to ruin my stuff!
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    One of our cats had ring worm as kitten, everything we used on him that couldn't be bleached we just ran through the washer 2x. Never had any problems using those things after that. I would just pop the woofs and blankets in there.

    Don't know about the tack...
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    Why not run them through the wash with some chlorhexidine instead of bleach? That's the active ingredient in many antifungal shampoos.
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