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    Default Selling a horse, help and advice needed

    Any and all advice welcome.... have my horse up for sale, have an interested buyer coming this Saturday at 2 p.m. She is coming from an hour and a half away. I've spoken to her several times on the phone and I think she is sincerely interested, not a hoof kicker. Just got a call from someone else, who really, really wants my horse (so she says) wants to come out Saturday in the morning. How do I handle this? Do you sell to the first person who writes a check (and should I even take a personal check? How do most people pay for horses- bank check? cash?) I want to treat everyone fairly but most of all I want the best situation for my horse.
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    Someone in another thread said they only show a horse once per day, which makes sense to me.

    If he's already been worked in the morning, the person coming in the afternoon may see a quieter horse than he otherwise would be.

    Since it sounds like you are comfortable with person #1, I would say he's already booked for Saturday, and have the second person schedule a different time.

    IMO, payment is cash (preferred unless its LOTS) or cashier's check. I would take a personal check for a deposit, it will have time to clear while scheduling the vet check, etc.

    Write all this down in the purchase agreement so it's matter of fact rather than having to tell someone you don't want their personal check.
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    I would keep the appointment with the first person and schedule the second person for Sunday or another day. I know it's first come, first serve but if you schedule the second person on Saturday morning, what happens if that person wants to buy him? If I were the first person I would be really annoyed to drive all that way and find out someone else already wanted the horse.

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    One person per day per horse and I would never schedule someone in front of someone who had already made an appointment. It's just rude.

    As far as the other stuff someone else will fill you in.
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    I once drove 2 hours to try a horse. As the owner was tying him in the cross ties the trainer came over and said "you can't do that, you already took a deposit from someone else this morning."
    Uh, hello!
    Ever heard of a phone?

    Absolutely let each potential buyer know what is going on. If you "bump" someone already scheduled and the horse doesn't sell, you might not get them to consider coming back.
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    I would not show them on the same day.

    Keep the first appointment and let that potential buyer see the horse. If she's interested, let her know that someone else may be looking and she needs to act quickly.

    Reschedule with the other person for Sunday or another time.

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    Definitely ask person #2 to schedule their visit another day. I drove 1 1/2 hours to look at a horse at a big barn. Got there, trainer says "remind me again which horse you are here to look at" and then said "oh, he was sold a couple days ago. I was rather furious but luckily was also looking at another horse in the area that day so not a totally wasted trip.

    But, having 2 people look at a horse on the same day is not fair to the horse or to the people. Keep your commitment to potential buyer #1 and politely ask potential buyer #2 to pick another time that is convenient for them.

    Good luck!
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    Ditto on having the second person reschedule.

    Even if the first person decided not to buy the horse, I'd be upset if I was the second buyer and found out the horse had already been worked that day.
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    I've never scheduled more than one person in a day when selling, but I was the first of two scheduled to look at a horse to buy one day. I bought the horse. I hope the seller had the courtesy to cancel the other appointment! She did say she had warned them that I was scheduled before them and the horse might sell.

    IMO, schedule them in the order they call. If caller #2 wants to come later Saturday, after caller #1 and risk that the horse will sell, that's fine if they're told they're second on the day. I don't think they should see the horse before the first caller, though, as that's kind of rude.

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    I have no problem showing a horse twice in a day. The market is soft you must seize every opportunity to make the sale. Be honest with both parties and keep your appointments. If the horse happens to actually sell in the first appt - and that means PAID IN FULL then cancel the second with apologies.

    Don't mark him sold if he is not paid for - people back out all the time. Don't take a personal check and let the horse leave your property. Tell them your payment policies up front.

    Don't be wishy washy if the first persons offer is not what you expect, then say "I will keep your offer in mind, However I have another showing this afternoon".

    I know the horses I represent They are able to go several times a day correctly. A two a day or even a three a day would make no difference to 90% of what I sell.

    I certainly would not cancel anything in this economy! BUT I would be absolutely honest about the numbers of showing I had scheduled for the day.
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    Wow, the fact that you had two people willing to come out, is better than what most people are experiencing.. I am weary of someone wanting to shove money in my face asap, sooo take your time & don't isolate anyone.

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