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    Oct. 3, 2002
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    Question Hip folks: Paddies if Danskos work for you?

    Dansko clogs allow me to stand for hours with no hip pain or no hip pain following... so far I haven't found any paddock shoes that do the same..

    I have a pair of Dansko paddock boots, and for some reason, they KILL me. Ariats, ouch. Both are fine for riding, but for teaching...

    I have an old pair of Ariat men's paddies that look almost like Blunnies, the heel is lower, and more of a 'work boot' sole. Those are my most comfortable. Unfortunatley, they need replacing and you can't get them any more.

    Wondering what works for you?
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    Jun. 23, 2006



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    Feb. 13, 2005
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    Blundstones. And recently, Blundstones with Thinline insoles. The next time I'm feeling irrationally wealthy, I might try Blundstones with Supersoles.
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    I've been lowering my heels for quite some time. Ariats went out the window for wearing shoes about 6 years ago (for awhile they were all I could wear). Then Merells to stand around in - and put on the Ariats before riding.

    Then I got so bad I had to wear the shoes with the major springs in the back (z-coils).

    Found a pair of their workboots on ebay. My feet look like refugees from a paratrooper unit.

    Unfortunately - now that the hip is bone-on-bone I can'twear those, EITHER because there is too much upward pressure into the hip socket. But since I can't ride or walk around w/o crutches that isn't too much of an issue right now.

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    I love Danskos, BUT--if I wear them consistently, I'm absolutely guaranteed to have an episode where my SI slips out. That is far more painful that the mess that happens with the rest of my leg if I wear "normal" shoes, but I've had to limit my Dansko-ing to only occasionally. I do not have hip issues since my replacement; even Danskos couldn't touch it before the replacement, but my degeneration was due to an old injury and it was pretty trashed by the time I had the THR.

    Lately, I'm finding Ariat Terrains to be the ticket for me. I have a newish pair that I wore to work (so, all day) in the recent snow and they were like slippers, with the added benefit that they seemed to support and stabilize my left foot enough to keep the plantar fascitis quiet. I've heard that Terrains wear out, and when they do they are suddenly useless; judging from my older pair (several years, but I haven't worn them daily) this is true. But I'm seriously considering buying another pair just to wear to work this winter (so I'm not accompanied by that vague eau d' pee spot odor ...).

    Caveat--I'm NOT on my feet all day, in fact, part of my problem is that I'm somewhat desk-bound at work, so perhaps not the best comparison for you. But when I am on my feet in my Terrains, they seem to keep me fairly sound.
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    Thumbs up Another idear!

    Go for the best shock absorbing sole you can afford IMHO. Sneakers with gels, coils, thick rubbery soles, rolling curves...whatever works for you. I buy cheap running or cross training sneaks at Walmart to work in and it works! Get leather ones and let them get ruined at the barn but it'll really help. Also sole inserts good - gels maybe?

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    Sep. 12, 2004


    PS - you might want to try a pair of Keen's similar to these:

    I have a lace-up that is very similar. I got to where I couldn't wear any of my real shoes and needed something to take on vacation. These have good inserts - nice arch support...for me I had to take them out and put in one of my customs with a cushy insole...but YMMV since I'm REALLY not working right these days. Mostly I did this to get my heel flat even with my toes.

    This is the lace up....

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