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    Default Selling Used Tack Online - how do you decide prices?

    I am trying to clean out the tack room and sell some of my used tack that I longer need online. I have sorted everything, written descriptions/ads and taken photos...and now I'm STUCK. I have no idea how much to ask for some of this stuff. The new/hardly used and lightly used items are easier but the older stuff is really tough. I tried searching ads for similiar products to see how much other people asked - but had to scroll and search so much I gave up! Any advice/tips?

    I've set out to do this several times over the years and always get overwhelmed and I give up. I really want to get this stuff out of my house and barn and this time I won't give up until it is all GONE! Thanks in advance for any advice/tips!

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    Did you search Ebay? That can give you some ideas.

    Otherwise I would recommend checking the original price. Many used items are half of the original price, but it definitely depends on the condition and how much more use is left in it. For nearly new items, you want it to be a good enough deal so that someone buys your item over a new one, but not so much that they may as well spend a few more bucks to buy the brand new one. You also don't want to give it away or take a huge loss on it.

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    I've had good success running auctions on eBay that are $1 with no reserve. It seems to stimulate bidding . I am more careful with bigger ticket items like saddles, but even then, sometimes the true auction gets people excited.

    Much of the time I think people overprice their used equipment. If you really want it gone, set up some auctions and see what happens!

    You should also consider advertising on free boards such as bits and barter. Then you don't have to pay the eBay and Paypal commissions.
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    For some of the older items (excluding saddles) but say reins, pads, martingales, etc. consider selling them as a bundle. Take a bunch of the items put them together take 1 large picture and decide what it is worth for you to sell. I have seen these bundles sell quite well if priced right.

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    The older stuff is probalby better quality than the new stuf--maybe!.

    You have to know your "product". If it was mediocre quality to begin with, then you can price a new equally mediocre product and subtract for wear, tear & condition.

    I wouldn't bother with E-bay. A lot of people use that & think they are going to make a killing on sales and grossly overprice their saddlery.

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