I am the program manager for LoveWay, Inc in Middlebury, IN. We had the opportunity to have a local news station, WBST 22, come to our center unexpectedly to do a story on our financial deficit and needing more donors and volunteers. In less than an hour we had to get horses together, find students to ride, get the horses fed, clean the barn and offices, get volunteers to help with the "class".

My staff and volunteers were wonderful in getting everything ready as quick as we did! Also, the board president and our interim executive director came over at a moment's notice to get interviewed about the specifics of the budget, etc.

I am looking forward to seeing our center on the local news tonight and I will hopefully be able to post a link from the WSBT website tomorrow so more people are able to see it!

I must say it was kind of an andrenaline rush getting everything together so fast and then teaching a short class on a moment's notice in front of a TV camera and your 2 bosses! We all survived and I really think things went well and I'm looking forward to seeing what get produced on the news tonight at 11!