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    Default IPSR?

    Has anyone used the International Patterned Sporthorse Registry? I am thinking of registering my colt with them and would love opinions on how it is regarded or viewed. Due to a gross situation with a "delicate" breeder, no breeders certificate has been issued, and she ignored attempts to contact her. IPSR will register with known parentage regardless of breeders cert. I had considered RPSI, but am not sure how that would work without the paper trail.
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    Never heard of it.

    Are you in the USA? What are the bloodlines? We need this information to help you. Seems just a color registry like SHOC (Sport Horses of Color) was and many others. I would go this route as a LAST option.

    Just adding..

    Looks like this site is in need of a major update. From 2009? (saw the home page has last updated 5/20/15 but this other page is still 2009)

    This is a send your money and you will be registered type of place. Registration is cheap but it also refers to the animal as having to go through a previous sport horse inspection. You could also have AWS and ISR(maybe) as options. What I was reading made it seem like you would have to register with one and then you would be eligible for this IPSHR which doesn't make sense because you are only allowed to register horses with one registry but that horse can be approved for breeding in multiple.

    Just re read the IMPERIAL PATTERNED SPORT HORSE .. so it is recommended for the horse to have previous inspection but if not that is ok too but being accepted is the discretions of the registry.

    HOW TO QUALIFY FOR registration

    **This horse does not need to be any defined breed, however this book will not recognize horses that exhibit a high amount of white do to the Sabino or Pinto gene/s**

    The horse must have an inspection score at a sport horse type inspection where the the walk, trot and canter are scored.

    The horse's conformation must also be scored.

    No score may be lower than 6.0 in any one area.

    A horse with out an inspection score may also qualify for this book, however performing horses do not have conformation scores. It will be up to the discretion of the IPSHR council whether the horse appears adequate in structure.
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