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    Default Coolers for ponies?

    I'm planning on riding this winter, so I'm also planning on buying coolers for the ponies.
    My mare is having lameness issues, so it's just the ponies that I'm counting on riding. One is a 14.1 hand gelding who wears a 69" Weatherbeeta turnout and the other is a 13 hand gelding who wears a 63" Weatherbeeta turnout. If I possible I don't really want to spend more than $100 each, but if I have to pay more I guess I can.
    Anyone have recommendations? I'm worried about being able to find a decent one that fits the smaller guy.

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    Hmmmmmmmm, Salvation Army/Goodwill/other used goods stores come to mind. I have good coolers but never used them except for racing and found wool bed blankets, king or queen sized worked very well. For yours, queen sized would be fine. Most places sell them for very cheap or even give them away because people don't seem to want wool anymore, just polar fleece. To attach it to the horse, get some spring clamps from a hardware store (don't buy blanket clamps, one costs the same as a package of spring clamps, and they are the same thing) then roll the front edge of the blanket and clamp it under the neck. You can tie a bit of string around the girthor use another clamp under the belly to keep drafts from working underneath, unless you use the method harness racing people use - work the horse, bath, scrape, blanket and put in a draft free stall to eat hay and have a drink of warm water.
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    As much as I hate Dover and their customer service, they do have a wool cooler shaped like a dress sheet with trim and piping and a fancy hip ornament for 50 to 70 bucks depending on the sale. It looks like a much more expensive cooler and I get lots of compliments on it. I've washed and dried it in my regular washer and dryer with no ill effects. My 14 hand pony wears a 68" in this cooler.

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    Have you looked at

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