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    Question Birds

    At one of the stables where I teach, they have a real problem with birds in the indoor ring...especially in the winter. The birds seem to think it is their own personal sanctuary from the weather. Consequently, everything gets covered with birdie poop and when the flocks of them swoop up, it spooks the horses. The stable owner tried one of those sonic repellers but it didn't do the job. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of these pests?

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    Be careful there are laws protecting birds. Perhaps you can contact your local ag extension agent or animal control for advice. If they are migratory or certain native species you may no options.

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    suck it up this year and for next year enclose the arena.

    it's the only way to keep unwanted stuff out.

    Netting, chickenwire, or else...

    In the mean time you have to live with it and spook less yourself about the birds.
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    My barn cat - gotten to get rid of mice, has done a wonderful job controlling an out of control pigeon problem. Turns out she likes to sleep in the rafters where they like to nest.

    To get rid of birds, in your indoor you would have to find a way to block their access, and resting spots. My neighbor keeps "my" pigeons out by closing up his barn tight. He shoots them once and a while too. Bottom line is the cat has helped the most - I don't want to close up my barn. Come spring time when all the other bird speices come back to nest in barn, it will be interesting to see if my cat can keep up with them. All spring and summer, my barn sounds like an avary. Love the sound, hate the birds. There are just too many.


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    I'm not happy about birds in barns/arenas. They can carry salmonella and it is transmitted by droppings. When we bought our farm, it had a pair of barn swallows nesting in the rafters of the barn and on our porch. Won he battle on the porch, but as of last summer, I think I finally won the fight in the barn It took several cats and me knocking their nest down every afternoon. Had to get very creative with poles and duct tape to be able to reach them.

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    See if there are any falconers locally who might be willing to bring a hawk to the indoor for some winter training or just to walk the bird around. Just the presence of a bird of prey is often enough to send the little guys scattering. Then try to cover as many of the holes they come in through as possible and keep the doors closed.

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