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    Jan. 27, 2002

    Default help!!! how should i cook this bison roast?

    ruh-roh---we have to add this six lb roast to tomorrow's turkey feast.
    i know it's super lean, and i need to cook it medium at the very most to keep it from drying out---but what should i use for adding fat?
    i'd prefer not to use bacon, since we have bacon wrapped bread sticks and bacon roasted brussel sprouts already. any good ideas?
    tia, and happy holidays!

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    Apr. 28, 2008


    Butter! It's the secret ingredient for many a high-end burger or other red meat cut. I always add it to venison roasts when we have company and I am not looking to be healthy. You can also mix herbs in the butter and coat the roast with the herb butter before sticking it in the oven -- yum.

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    May. 11, 2009
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    Orrr....You could stick it in the slow cooker in a bunch of broth. With yummy veggies to soak up all the extra juices.
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    to follow up on fordtraktor can you cut slits in the roast and also insert the herbed butter, as well as coating the roast with it? I would do a long slow cook in a low oven.
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    I think the slow cooker is a good way to go. Since bison is so naturally low in fat, like venison, you need to cook it a long, long time at low temperature to break down the protein and make it tender. You could slow cook it for several hours and then finish it under the broiler to brown/crisp the outside if you want.
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    You are quite right that bison needs a "wet" cooking method, due to its lean-ness. I'd cut it into two 3 lb pieces, for easier handling (and freezing, if necessary). Start by searing on all sides in EVOO with salt and pepper, in a large Dutch oven or stew pot. Then add beef broth, red wine, onions, garlic, dried thyme, and a tablespoon each of brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce. Bring to a simmer on stovetop, then cover and cook in a 375 degree oven for 2-3 hours, to internal temp of about 155. Add 1 lb. sliced cremini mushrooms about the last 1/2 hour. Remove roasts and let stand, while you add 1/4 cup flour or cornstarch that you've shaken with 1/2 cup warm water, in a sealed plastic container. Whisk this into the hot stew liquid to thicken. Serve over horseradish mashed potatoes or egg noodles.
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    Feb. 5, 2006


    To thicken the gravy or even just as a cooking liquid, you could also use heavy (whipping) cream. Bison is so lean that it can stand up nicely to the richness of the cream.
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    Please send a plate to my house! Yummy yum yum!
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