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    Mar. 28, 2006

    Default Broken Vert. Saddle thread

    Per your request. I bought a almost new used Prestige saddle last Christmas for myself. I didn't check the saddle when it arrived, I was just excited and thought it fit the horse and me well enough. I did have the horse fitted over the summer but could not make the finacial commitment to buy a new one. Well the saddle didn't fit the new horse so I figured I would look into a new saddle. I called the Prestige rep in the area and she came out and fitted both horses, although they have a completly different withers they both need a wide tree. The first option was to have my tree widened, but then I found out the saddle was a whole seat size smaller than what I though I bought and the flap was short. That was a little upsetting but kinda explains some issues with my ridding. So I tried a used saddle she had and love the seat size but the flap was border line, I would also have to have the tree widened. After crunching the numbers, it was the most reasonable to buy a new saddle, wide tree, long flap, and a bigger seat. I can't wait to get it. It should be here the end of march, right about the time I hope I can start riding. In the meantime my saddle is in Florida for sale on consignment. Hopefully it will sell before the new one arrives.


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    Are you getting a new Prestige? Which model? I've liked the Prestige saddles I've ridden in. If the saddle isn't perfect when it comes in, don't settle. Now that you have had a bad back injury, your position may be different and you may need to have support in different areas then you did before the accident. Whicker is going through a major saddle hunt. I am sure she can offer some fantastic advice!

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    Mar. 28, 2006

    Default New saddle

    I am getting another Nona, it is the same one I have. I am actually hoping the bigger seat allows me to change my position. The smaller seat really helped me fall forward. When I sat on the larger seat I was able to sit on my seat bones and "lean back", not really but you know what I mean.

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    Orlean, Va


    What sort of riding do you do?

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    Default Riding


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