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    Dec. 22, 2009

    Default Wheat bran: does it "expire"?

    I bought some wheat bran two years ago and haven't really used it since. I took it out of the bag and keep it in a rubbermaid container in the barn. Is it still ok to feed? It would just be for a special treat occasionally.

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    Oct. 4, 2003
    Clinton, BC


    Wheat bran does tend to break down in time, gets kind of powerdy, clumped, not fresh. In a pinch, I have fed some like that, without any negative side effects, but it's not at it's premium best. It's hardly really a "special treat" for a horse, I guess if a horse doesn't get anything better on a regular basis, one might think it is a treat, but for many horses, it needs to be spruced up a bit to make it appetizing enough to eat.

    If the time exed wheat bran isn't that appetizing, it can still always be used for hoof poultices, mixed with epsom salts and hot water and wrapped with plastic under the bandage padding.

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    Oct. 3, 2002
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    It will smell a bit rancid if it goes.

    Depending on your temps, it might be ok.

    Generally you get bugs, long, LONG before it goes rancid, at least up here... even in winter, except for the below zero type weather.
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    Dec. 16, 2003
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    Default Smell it,

    If it smells rancid or moldy don't feed it. If it smells okay then it is probably fine to use.

    Your nose is the best way to tell, far better than your eyes. However if it is clumpy, it is growing fungi i it, then it is best to dump it.
    Good Luck.
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    Mar. 25, 2008
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    Default Hay

    Two years! Dump it! Wheat bran is cheap to replace, colic or whatever else with the vet not so cheap. I always side on being safer.

    One thing you can do to test bran, is stick your hand in it, then take your hand out, spread your fingers apart in a well-lit area, if it comes out looking cobwebby on your fingers or hanging off your fingers like there are tiny strands of web like thread, even remotely, dump it. But again, two years, just dump it.

    If you want to make a bran mash for the horse on Christmas day but don't want to buy the large bag, buy at bag at the local health food store. Do grocery stores sell bran these days?

    But it really is so cheap that you could buy a bag, then split it up into many little bags, add a small amount of crushed candy canes, tie with ribbon and give a bag to your friends as a Christmas gift!
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    Mar. 6, 2009


    Grocery stors sell wheat bran in their baking sections - $1.79 a box - that way it is easier to kep it fresh ! You will know when it has gone bad by the smell or the BUGS = weevils running around in it - they hatch out with time ( like with other baking ingredients like flour).
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    Nov. 13, 2007
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    I would toss it. Bran is cheap, and at least down here goes moldy easily. Not something I would trust after 2 years in a barn.

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    Mar. 10, 2003
    Massachusetts, USA


    2 years old? Dump it. Here's a tip, though, for buying smaller quantities of bran, rice, flour, etc -- stick in your freezer for 2 days or more to kill any 'bugs' that might be in it. Works like a charm.
    --Gwen <><
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    Nov. 1, 2008


    It's $7.99 for a 50-lb bag up here. Dump the old stuff. Why risk it?

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    Dec. 22, 2009


    Ok, I'll just dump it then.

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