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    Default GPA Titium Pro Ventilation?

    I recently had a nasty spill into a ring fence which resulted in whiplash and a bloody nose. The fall, combined with the fact that my current GPA is nearly 7 years old (please no lectures about how helmets 'expire'...I'm aware, but as a college student $500 is a ridiculous amount to spend to replace a helmet that had never hit the ground!) has pushed me to buy a new helmet.
    Unfortunately for me (and my wallet), CO's don't fit.
    So, a GPA it is. I tried on (and will be purchasing) a Titium Pro, and I had to go up a size! Unfortunately the local Dover didn't have one so they had to call and have one overnighted from another store, because I have a lesson tomorrow so I'm desperate for a helmet.
    Have other people found that they have to go up a size in the Pro's, or the newer GPAs in general? It fit, but with a hairnet it was just a bit too snug. I'm crossing my fingers a 7 3/8 will fit, especially since I have to pay shipping on it.
    And whats the big difference between the Pros and the regular Titiums? The pros look like they might provide more ventilation, which is why I picked it over a regular one. This true? I hope so!
    Also, thoughts on Speedairs? If this helmet doesn't fit I'll probably splurge the extra $60 and get a SpeedAir...but I'm not 100% sold on them. They are sort of ugly.

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    Dec. 21, 2009


    I have a pro and love it. It does run smaller though. I cut my hair so my regular GPA did not fit, but I ended up with the same size in the pro and it was definitely snugger.

    So I think going up a size will be okay, hope it works out!

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    i went 2 sizes down from my textium that fit (and then got toooooo big) to the pro one which was tight to put on (and then fit, correctly).

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    I have the Pro and love it. It is the only helmet that fits my super small head with my huge hair. Anyways, mine started tight and it loosens up after a little while. I think that the pro fits a little differently than the regular titiums and I think that there is more ventilation in the pros.

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