And SmartPak, too, (like we need to give them more love ).

Once a month with my SmartPaks, I get a back of either Hoof Snax or Flax Snax - my horse loves (loved) them and they were easy to break in 2 for rewards while riding.

The last bag I got - ACK! They were totally different. Didn't smell as diving and hard as rocks - I could not break them by hand at all. Horse was just so so about them so I contacted SmartPak and they confirmed that Manna Pro had changed bakers ($$) and that this is the way they would be going forward. YUCK.

SmartPak credited the bag of treats I got (YAY!) and I contacted Manna Pro, too, to let them know the change was not good.

A gentleman from Manna Pro contacted me and when I mentioned how hard the treats now were, he offered to send me some samples of their "new" Stable Gourmet treats. Well, sure I'm not going to turn down free treats (my horse would not be happy with me).

He sent me a 3 lb bag of Stable Gourmet treats absolutely free and while they don't smell as wonderful as the Hoof/Flax Snax, they break easily and my horse LOVED them (maybe even more than the others ).

I will let Manna Pro know how much he loved them and thank them for their great, great customer service.

And if you want a yummy treat for your horse, try the Stable Gourmet treats.