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    Default Liability coverage-- for how much and who with?

    I am referring to liability coverage for (as an example) a private form with 4 horses. Currently I have a 2 mil umbrella policy, but was wondering if I should get more. How much umbrella coverage do you have?

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    You may not need any additional coverage if you do not allow other people to bring their horses over to ride on your property or take on any boarders, or give lessons. You might be fine with the umbrella policies and your homeowners.

    But the minute that you do allow anyone to bring a horse onto your property that is not your horse, you could be liable. You could also be liable if you allow someone to ride your horses on your property.

    I know I've carried equine commercial liability in the past when I had my trainer come up for lessons and had about 4 other people truck in. I wasn't worried that anyone that came in would ever sue me BUT if they did have a fall and/or reported anything to their health insurance co. their health insurance co. might come after me to pay for their care as the accident happened on my farm.

    Try doing a search on this topic as this has been discussed a lot in the past. You can always contact an equine insurance firm and ask them as well as the company that has your home owners policy.
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    I carry a $1M personal umbrella policy and then as a member of USA Eq you get another $1M liability policy that covers your horse. If your horse runs out in front of a car and people are hurt, you would be covered. But it just protects you if your horse does something that causes a problem.

    Since I don't have boarders, give lessons, or let others ride on my property I think I am ok and ran this by by agent who also felt I was covered enough. You can't have enough insurance but it can send you to the poor farm (no pun intended).

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