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    Default gas powered leaf blower

    The barn where I board has recently bought a gas powered leaf blower for the aisle. They have started to store the blower in the heated tackroom and there is a distinct smell of gas in there now.

    Is this dangerous (I think so) and how can I persuade the BM to remove it?

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    Mar. 9, 2002


    I don't think its dangerous, but I agree that gas stinks something nasty. Plus, it is probably a gas oil blend, which smells worse.

    Just ask nicely! Explain that the smell makes you gag and is there another place that it could go, a storage closet, feed room etc etc.

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    Jan. 25, 2008


    I don't think it's dangerous, but it is noxious gas shouldn't be stored in an enclosed area around people.

    Not sure I would want to use one in a barn because of the dust factor, but ours blows leaves to Kingdom Come. Mulch too, hehe!
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